We offer one-time consultations and follow-up coaching.

The Real Deal - what outplacement firms, executive coaches and most career counselors don't tell you.
  • An insider's evaluation of your resume and cover letter

  • A discussion on how agencies and search firms really operate

  • Why you may need several different resumes and how to create them

  • How best to approach recruiters strategically, yet avoid overexposure

  • Why search firms are of limited or no value to position seekers in today's market and what the alternatives are

  • How to launch a guerrilla job search for oneself and why this is necessary

  • How to follow your bliss realistically in today's market and still earn a living

  • What works for you in building your image and what doesn't

  • How to focus your skill set and experience to meet what is viable in today's market

  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition

  • How to utilize the special process that top search firms use

  • How to use the Internet strategically and avoid overexposure

  • How to identify and leverage personal contacts you didn't know you had

  • How to cold call effectively and make every call count

  • How to interview to win without selling

  • How to positively present red flags (i.e., difficulty with your supervisor)

  • How to get valuable information in non-obvious ways

  • What to do when all else fails

A seminar or consultation should enable you to negotiate and prevail in this market of change, stiff competition and limited options. Phone consultations and coaching services are also available.

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